Natural History Gallery
Budwing Mantis
(Parasphendale affinis)
  Slow Worm   Crested Geko   Papua New Guinea
Giant Spiny Stick Insect

Aphids on
Sweet pea flower
  Thistle Mantis
(Blepharopsis Mendica)
  Praying Mantis
(Hierodula Unimaculata) 
  Millipede (Male)

Lapidary Snail   Scorpion Fly (Female)   Katydid   Aphid and Young

Tree Frog   Common Toad   Adder   Grass Snake

Puffins   Puffin with
Sand Eels
  Hovering Gannet   Arctic Tern

Gannets skypointing   Common Green Grasshopper   A trio of Sulphertufts   Harebells

Seals in the Surf
(Donnar Nook)
  Oak Apple   Slimey Yellow-Stemmed Mycena   Puffball Fungus

Large Red
  Small Heath
  Green Veined
Whites (Mating)
  Banded Demoisel

White faced
Scops Owl
  Bee Orchids   Early Purple Orchids   Mycena Fungi