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Adobe Camera Raw

The Complete Picture
Julieanne Kost who is the Adobe Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist

Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 in Photoshop CC (v14.1)
Adobe Camera Raw:
The secret to using it for just about everything
An article on Adobe Camera Raw
Redefining Digital Image Processing
A link to Adobe Camera Raw Video Tutorials
This is the Adobe webpage from which you can download the latest version of Camera Raw.
Raw to Cooked with Adobe Camera Raw
You can view another Adobe Camera Raw tutorial from this site.

Recommended Reading
Here is a book on the use of Camera Raw that I can personally recommend.

The best-selling author Bruce Fraser shows you how to take advantage of the latest versions of Adobe Camera Raw to set white balance, optimize contrast and saturation, handle noise, correct tint, and recover lost detail in images, etc, etc, before converting them to another format.