Turning point

This is an image of a OSY (Outboard Stock Yamato) Powerboat.

(Quote from a boat builder)
It is a hydroplane hulled boat. It is a world championship class currently providing the largest fields of race boats in Britain.
 It is a stock class with no engine tuning allowed so racing is usually close as the main differences between the boats are the driver and the propeller, race meetings are made up of four heats lasting six or seven laps each with the best three results counting.
The boats are made of marine ply or as with the new state of the art Lucas boats Kevlar / Composite and capable of up to 75mph, they can be driven by kneeling or lying down which is down to the driver preference and are controlled by a steering wheel and hand throttle only. 
There are no brakes, no roll cage, no suspension, no 6 point harness & no carbon – fibre safety cell. OSY 400 IS RAW RACING !!!